Wednesday, 23 January 2013

THE SWEENEY - 2012 dvd

This movie is based on an old British tv series 'The Sweeney' which starred John Thaw as Jack Regan and Dennis Waterman as George Carter. In this movie which revolves around the hunt for a bunch of Serbian jewellry and bank robbers. The script is rather basic and the lines between police and criminals are blurred. Though it has to be said that the set pieces were well staged if predictable. Exception to the rule was the shootout in Trafalgar Square and through the National Gallery - no masterpieces were damaged in the making of this film - handguns vs assault rifles left me wondering. The way that Regan and Carter worked back in the Seventies was well bonded - the only bonding I saw was between Regan and Lewis which made me wonder if the writers had mistaken Regan for Morse. Having said that Regan and Nancy Lewis did work well together in much the same way as the original duo. I did like Ray Winstone's 'Jack Regan' but disappointed at Steven Mackintosh being typecast as Nancy Lewis's cuckolded husband and typical jobsworth. He is much better than that. Maybe, I would have enjoyed the movie more had it not had 'The Sweeney' tag - as a straight British cops vs robbers - but this may be not for the die hard fan.

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