Thursday, 10 January 2013


While the story campaign is ok as it spans two eras - 1980s and 2025 - with different kinds of weaponry that shows good technological imagination. The star of the show though are the excellent graphics that are three dimensional. However, the game isn't the problem its the multiplayer side that is. It doesn't matter where you go - playfire, xbox live or even the Black Ops 2 facebook page - the complaints are all the same. These concern the lag, the jerky pictures, consistent error message like 'the game is no longer available' and 'the server has timed out' (whatever that means). In the middle of all this the team from the developers, Treyarch, announced that they were coming online to play. Well, it could be assumed that they would see for themselves what everyone was complaining about. Believe it or not I, for one, did not experience any problems. Come Monday it was business as usual and the complaints still roll in. I guess it can be understood why the attitude amongst gamers is that the developers have got their money and are not listening. After all if they didn't encounter problems why should they pay any attention. So all in all the story mode and the zombie campaigns are fine - and multiplayer just doesn't work. With four new maps coming out on January 29 on the Xbox 360 (and during February if you own a PS3) problems need to be ironed out. That, in turn, begs the question why do PS3 owners get left behind - like the multiplayer there doesn't appear to be a level playing field between consoles let alone continents. Among all the stats on the Facebook page is the fact that 14 million people have prestiged while playing on line - some of them making Master Prestige. You don't acheive anything for this - just lose everything that the player has spent time unlocking. A bit pointless, then. The other big complaint is about 'campers'. I agree there are those who set up a tent and sit around admiring the scenery and popping off those that spoil the view. On the other hand there are those who are deploying their 'character' and 'load out' in a tactical manner. No point in using a sniper rifle to run around with. A good 'sniper' will camp, break line of vision with target, take out target or targets and move. (A good lesson to learn via Battlefield 3 and Medal Of Honour:Warfighter). Pitfall here is that if your sniper loadout includes stealth attributes then this is a waste of time because the KillCam will give your position away anyway. Unfortunately, the developers do not give the right cover (ie:bushes are solid and not flexible like the real thing - though the 'Vortex' map on Modern Warfare 3 was excellent). Also, they deal with straight lines - no allowance for bullet drop or wind direction. Also, each map requires a different approach and loadout anyway - but its fun to sit back and watch your team mates and the opposition run at each other. They might have a high kill rate but they, also, have a high death rate. So value for money? Not really - stick to Call Of Duty:Modern Warfare 3 where there are no problems. Or try the superior Battlefield 3.

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