Tuesday, 22 January 2013

BLACK OPS 2: Thoughts On Games

So the countdown begins towards the first downloadable set of maps that become available on 29th January.
So far the multiplayer maps have looked good, the graphics are that touch better than Modern Warfare 3. So, no complaints there.
However, and it may be happenstance or just plain coincidence that this month's issue of 'XBOX 360 - The Official XBox Magazine or OXM, is carrying a review of the online gameplay. The verdict of the unnamed author is that, with a score of 9, that it was a highly refined return to form.
It makes me wonder - but then he states that he plays 'Domination' and that no one plays 'Team Deathmatch'. Right OK, then I don't know what or with whom I am playing.

I am of the opinion that the writer was doing nothing more than a PR job for the game. There is no mention, in the article, of the countless complaints on Facebook and various forums about the gliches, lagging, migrating hosts and error messages that are still existing.

But, then again, this is a magazine where the letters editor, in response to a request about 'Dead Island', stated that if OXM had been aware of a Load/Save problem they would have mentioned it. A few pages on in an article about some of the best games around they still gave 'Dead Island'a score of 9 'despite the Load/Save' problems.

So why buy the magazine? Because it is a good indicator of what games not to buy. Games like 'Deus Ex' and 'Dead Island' were rated by them - within a week of release those games were taking up space on the pre-owned shelves.
Still, one of the good things about Blockbuster is/was a good place to rent a game. At least I could try it out before buying.
Little wonder really why there is a lack of 'demo' games out there - maybe, if there were we would buy less and manufacturers would up their game and produce something that works first time without applying endless updates and patches - some of which make matters worse.

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