Wednesday, 30 January 2013


A bunch of guys called Western Fictioneers came together with this Yuletide feast of short stories. But these creepy tales are not just for Christmas but for all seasons.

Whoever did the edit for this anthology has to be praised for this collection as they have got together with some great writers. There is Robert Randisi (aka J R Roberts of 'The Gunsmith' series fame) riding alongside James Reasoner, Chuck Tyrell, Matthew P. Mayo and James J Griffin with many others.
They bring a wild bunch of tales that sees a sheriff dressed as Santa take on a gang of bank robbers with the help of an unseen companion. A story that is told with great wit.
'Angel In The Badlands' has a really good finishing line. Meanwhile, a back story to the Johnson County War has a killer suffering the consequences of shooting the head off of a china doll.
And in Cheryl Pierson's story (she is one of three females writers here) she brings back to life the Arthurian legends with Arthur, Ginny and Lance facing off in the west.

Good stuff - I loved all fifteen tales.

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